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Google sketchup pro

Create 3D models easily install and Google.


"Create 3D models easily install and Google."
indir.biz Editor: Google SketchUp Pro 6s LayOut (beta) feature, photos, drawings, text, title blocks, such as items to create 2D, even handwritten notes can integrate 3D models compelling interactive presentations. LayOut (beta) in large-format output, allows high-resolution documents. A single program, Google SketchUp Pro 6 combines high-quality 2D design tools, the ability to manipulate 3D models with CAD-dimensional right, such as precision and scale.

New Features

Google SketchUp Pro 6 you create 3D models from photographs of current models match the background images, effects and fog and Sketchy rendering 3D text, logos and watermarks to provide models mark. With new styles palette, which can record and share screen settings, you can easily access a collection. In addition, modifier keys to copy the advanced operations such as you rotate to move or push / pull with new features such as permission has more control. Google Earth, Google SketchUp models to use real-world size and world coordinates using the 3D Warehouse using provide space to share.

You need Google SketchUp Pro 6 if you want to:

Export 3D models to CAD and other 3D formats.
Export 2D vector images.
multi-page documents and design compelling presentations, create it.
Edit multiple images on one page description scale.
customized elements and symbols for your presentations using 2D Vector graphics toolset to create it.
, Documents and designs using a single software package available, create it.
receive e-mail technical support professional. To download Google SketchUp now free for 7 can do.

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